Looking for an Independent Broker Dealer? We can help.


Since our inception in 1989 our foundation has been set on honesty and integrity. We operate not as sales people, but as consultants knowing that all we really have is our reputation. We are a family owned business that bases our success on the happiness of the advisors we work with. If you are looking for a new Independent Broker Dealer to affiliate with, we can help. We understand because we have been in your shoes. We care because we are an accountable, family-run business. And we are effective because the only measure of our success is yours.


Choosing a broker dealer is a major decision for any advisor. It is a decision that warrants considerable time and understanding of the marketplace. Since 1989 we have been doing due diligence and research on every major Independent Broker Dealer and take pride in our ability to save time and increase accuracy in the process. Our clients leverage our experience in the Independent Broker Dealer landscape to find a firm that best suits their needs. The Independent Broker Dealer environment is complex and ever changing. Keeping up with broker dealers and understanding what they bring to the table is all we do. Leverage our Experience. Save time. Get results.


Planning a broker dealer transition can be sensitive. The due-diligence process, timing and preparation are all steps in the process that are best performed in a strategic, confidential manner. We understand these steps because it’s all we do. Having helped thousands of advisors successfully navigate a move to an Independent Broker Dealer, we know how to get you the best possible outcome. We take our role in the process very seriously and know that confidentiality can make or break a successful transition. Our success is based on this understanding and the trust our clients have placed in us.